Zota Productions

A specialist video production agency based in Los Angeles helping brands connect with their communities. Zota Productions’ decades of work with top creatives and technicians enables them to deliver stories that make them an asset to any content strategy. They needed a powerful digital presence to showcase their work.


Art Direction, Design & Development



Zota Productions Founder & President requested that we create a new digital experience in preparation for a large international speaking engagement. Our timeline was short, but our goal was clear, attract new dream clients through strong aesthetics and content. Additionally, we needed to deliver a site that would attract a variety of brands but still pay homage to its core group, female-centric entrepreneurs and brands.


The client had a deep portfolio and a wealth of testimonials to match. I knew we had to leverage this social proof while showcasing the work in a unique way. With this in mind, we collaborated with the client to outline the content and better understand the companies core competencies. These insights yielded information that ultimately lead us to streamline their offerings and, in turn, highlight their unique approach.


The creative process kicked off with a brand survey to better understand the clients long term vision. Based on the findings, we wrote engaging copy and developed wireframes to match. Simultaneously, a detailed mood board was created to define the art direction. This strategy allowed us to quickly define image treatments, typography and the color palette and then apply them to hi-res compositions.

With some unique design choices, we developed an aesthetic that would bring the video production work to the forefront. Information about the company and behind the scenes photos helped potential clients envision working with Zota Productions. Offset color backgrounds encouraged the user to move around the page and setup a unique treatment for key information.

Pop of Fun

A soft palette including off-whites, beige, nude is interrupted by pops of vibrant butterscotch and teal to deliver a sophisticated yet playful aesthetic. Navy blue and dark teal rounded everything off to ensure a balanced color distribution while providing a much needed backdrop for buttons. The primary typeface, geometric and humanistic, created an inviting and modern feel. A handwritten script font was paired with it to bring attention to important content. The website design is on trend while still being flexible enough to appeal to a wide audience.