SpotGide is a mobile decision engine that makes everybody feel like a local. Dedicated to seizing the day, the app’s unique location mapping algorithm helps users experience the best places based on their interests, mode of transport, and time budget. The apps user interface needed to deliver a new approach to exploration. 


Brand, Product Design & Strategy



We wanted to create an application that solved the indecision of local search and discovery. Instead of being hamstrung by too many options and unreliable reviews, the app focused on finding new paths, unearthing local gems and highlighting unique landmarks no matter where the user was or where they were from. Our challenge was mapping millions of locations and calculating these routes for maximum enjoyment. We had to design something that was simple to start but powerful enough to curate the best points of interest.


We needed to make the best initial product at launch while laying the foundation for an environment that would allow us to scale quickly. Because there was no product before it with this type of functionality, we weren’t able to perform heuristic evaluations, but using benchmarking and user research we were able to create a feature set that would empower the user. Most importantly, the user interface would be flexible and easy to personalize with each users tastes.


After outlining the core functionality we produced a wealth of user stories and developed the architecture of the platform. The app needed to appeal to a variety of users from locals to travelers. Simplicity and personalization were our core building blocks. A short and fun onboarding process helps deliver personalized recommendations. The apps starting screen greets users and asks a simple question: what do you want to do? To encourage spontaneity, a curated selection of routes based on location, interests, and popularity appears below.

To inspire users, big and bold images were the cornerstone of almost all the screens. Once an experience is selected, a simple timeline view appears showcasing the route from one destination to the next. Switching between this view and a map view allows the user to get an overview of their adventure. Convenient notifications inform the user if something has changed along the route or if a venue is closing soon. Account profile pages and social functions helped enrich the app experience.

Exploring Again

The app empowers exploring again. Searches with long lists and filters are gone and in their place is a simple planning feature which asks the user where they are looking to explore, how much time they have and what mood they’re in. The three moods, chill, fun, and thrill, came from our dedication to simplifying the experience categories. We managed to whittle it down from eight and dozens before that. With these three questions answered, the app generated a plan while considering the users interests and transportation. Over time, each persons unique tastes would shine through and each experience would be more personalized than the one before it.