DraftKings Shop

Founded in 2011, DraftKings provides online daily and weekly fantasy sports contests for cash prizes in major sports. The company has grown explosively and has become a transformative experience, changing the way fans interact with sports. These fans needed a new place to buy DraftKings related merchandise.


Art Direction & Design



The DraftKings founders had the ambitious goal to expand their brand to a new digital store on the Shopify platform. The scope and requirements called for the production of a whole new ecommerce website based on well established brand guidelines. The new experience also needed to share a cohesive system that would interconnect with the main website. This was Draft Kings first big push into this area and they wanted to score a touchdown with their fans.


In order to successfully integrate with the existing website, the process kicked off with understanding its limitations. Because many stakeholders were involved, the approach was part education and part consultation. More importantly, the DraftKings design language was based on tables and chart-type interfaces inspired by online fantasy sports – we needed to push it forward.


Key screens were drawn to better establish the structure of the website and frame important product categories. As screens evolved from low-fi wireframes to more detailed hi-fi compositions, the client gained confidence in the evolution of the design language. This collaborative process helped establish a fresh direction for the new store and ensured that it stood out from the existing website.

Dark Mode

Vibrant green and orange colors were used liberally to bring contrast to the dark background and highlight important information and call to actions. The Open Sans typeface was a requirement so a complimentary script font was added to deliver energy to the layouts and headline treatments. Interestingly, this led to the creation of a new brand submark featuring the “Shop” subtitle. A customized checkout process helped to cap it all off.