Matthew Majcher | Edward George Jewelers
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Branding + Website + Collateral + Packaging

Edward George Jewelers

We rethought luxury shopping for the Instagram age, letting the jewelry take center stage.

Edward George Jewelers was founded by Edward and George Dekermenji – Los Angeles based father and son jewelers who come from an expansive custom jewelry background. Edward George Jewelers offers bespoke pieces that are handcrafted and tailored to each client. Through a thoughtful collaboration process we were able to uncover the team’s personal values to making their amazing fine jewelry and translate them into a visual identity system rooted in classic aesthetics. The mark not only mimicks the geometry of a diamond, but is also a typographic expression – each letter in the logo (E-G-J) can be found subtly whithin this simple mark. We helped to further extend the visual language into studio photography to showcase their beautiful work. The final product is a brand that appeals directly to patrons who have an undeniable appreciation for bespoke jewelry and the fine artists that make it come to life.