Matthew Majcher | About
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About Me

I specialize in creative direction + brand strategy + print collateral + interactive design.

I have worked with Fortune 500 companies, governments, entertainment leaders, and the world’s largest hotel brands to create visual solutions that ignited change, improved the bottom line, and increased engagement. I am passionate in translating innovative ideas into reality. Captivated by typography, adventure, and making beautiful things that deliver value.

Previously, I was the Project Director for Majestic Hospitality, where I developed experiences and branding for clients such as Starwood and Loews Hotels. Before that, I worked for Filament Features, Paramount Pictures Interactive Marketing, A.D.D. Marketing + Advertising, and Apple. I am currently freelancing and always up for new challenges.



  • Concept Development
  • Brand Design
  • Guidelines + Toolkits
  • Art Direction


  • Brand Collateral
  • Editorial Design
  • Web Design + Development
  • UI + UX


  • Campaign Creative
  • Market Positioning
  • SEO + Metrics
  • Content Marketing


Solve problems + tell stories through inventive ideas that realize client visions. Always create simple, beautiful work where function + emotion are considered equally important.

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